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Registration – You will be required to register to VokLaagyoto use any features and services offered. You agree to provide us with accuratepersonal details by registering and keeping it updated. You will not use fakenames or impersonate any person. Violation of any of these may result indebarring you from using VokLaagyo with no prior notice or explanations.

As a pre-condition of account registration, you allow us tosend you promotional emails and any services offered through VokLaagyo.

Users will be solely responsible for their activities andmaintaining confidentiality. We reserve all rights to cancel a user name orrefuse registration.

Use of products and services – It shall be user’sresponsibility to carefully use the products and services offered by us.VokLaagyo does not guarantee any availability or refusal of the servicesoffered by the restaurant owners. There can be instances when the restaurantowners do not avail of the VokLaagyo coupons for any particular reason.VokLaagyo shall not be held responsible for any such unforeseen

circumstances. Users will be responsible for the comments orreviews posted and VokLaagyo cannot be held responsible for any such comments.The user agrees to refrain from using any abusive, offensive, vulgar orobjectionable comments to anybody in the website/mobile app. VokLaagyo reservesthe rights to terminate the membership if a user is found to be using thosemeans.

Conditions for use of VokLaagyo - Use of VokLaagyo is meantfor personal, non-commercial use and at user’s own risk. There may be data lossdue to unforeseen interruptions and VokLaagyo shall not be responsible. VokLaagyocan change the content or services provided at any given time. VokLaagyo may beunavailable for maintenance or any other reason. Any damages pertaining to useof VokLaagyo with respect to Trojans or any viruses will not be theresponsibility of VokLaagyo. The users should abide to all the rules andregulations and no illegal activity in any form is permitted.

In case of any dispute, the user and restaurant owner agreeto discontinue membership and will not held any team member of VokLaagyoresponsible. VokLaagyo shall not be liable for any incurred damages, whatsoeverit may be.

Termination – VokLaagyo reserves the complete right toterminate membership of any user or restaurant owner without any explanation orany prior notice. In case of any dispute, user/restaurant owner are entitled tobear all the costs incurred during the procedure.

Please do not use VokLaagyo if these Terms & Conditionsare not agreeable to you.